Grow Stronger, Live Longer

In our last blog "Gym Facts that Might Surprise You" we looked at gym memberships and some facts that might make you question how worthwhile a gym membership actually is. Included in that was the fact that 67% of people who get gym memberships never actually use them. But what about those who do get there? Are they getting what they need to improve their health? Not necessarily.

Thirty percent of gym members admitted that they are too busy socializing and talking to really focus on their workout. And only about 12% ever work with a certified trainer to develop an individualized strength training program. A large percentage of gym goers spend their time at the gym solely focusing on cardio training, on machines, or in group classes. This might help you burn calories, but the real benefits come when you add muscle. Read on to see why.

It can help you live longer.

Research at UCLA suggests that it is body composition, not your body mass index that is a better predictor of mortality. Simply put, the more muscle you have the less likely you will die prematurely.

Greater muscle strength and consistent weight training keeps your body young.

Somewhere around our mid-thirties we start experiencing age-related loss of muscle mass and muscle function. We can lose up to 5% each decade as we continue to grow older. This loss of muscle can increase the likelihood of falls and injury and causes us to feel weak and have low stamina. This loss of vitality can have a devastating affect on quality of life.

Weight training counteracts the effects of aging by replacing lost muscle mass.

When combined with proper protein intake (we will visit this topic in a future blog) resistance training can begin to improve muscle strength in as little as two weeks.

Stronger bones and better balance protect you from injury.

Improved strength, form and balance are essential to preventing falls and injury throughout your life. On top of that, resistance exercise strengthens your bones reducing the severity of sustained injuries and improving the ability to heal.

Below is a list of other areas where studies have shown that weight training can help prevent disease, manage chronic conditions and sharpen your thinking skills.

  • Alzheimer's

  • Diabetes

  • Cardiovascular disease

  • Metabolic diseases

  • Orthopedic Conditions

  • Neuromuscular disorders

When starting a weight training program it is essential to work with a professional who takes the time to learn your history, who can work within your abilities and who knows how to help you correct any musculoskeletal imbalances. This work will become the foundation of your training program and will ensure that you do not injure yourself as you progress.

At Home Fit provides professional fitness training in your home or workplace. We provide the equipment, design an individualized program based on your goals and guide you to success.

Head Trainer, Kevin MacQueen, is an experienced, ACE-certified, professional Personal Trainer specializing in the design of individualized fitness programs for clients of all ages and abilities. He provides clients with simple effective workouts done with meticulous precision and an emphasis on form and results.