Improve Your Golf Game

Every good golfer knows that power comes from the body, not the arms. Train your body right and increase drive distance, control and endurance.

Drive distance  Drive distance can be increased with rotational strength and strength through the hips and upper back. Exercises like med ball throws and hinge movements (exercises that emphasize hinging at the hips and popping them forward) can blow up your drive distance. In 2015 the average driving distance during the PGA Tour was 289.7 yards. That's almost three full football fields, that kind of strength isn't a gift or pure luck. Top driving distances are built with weight training through a variety of movements and an emphasis on speed and explosive power.  

Control  Being more in control of your body leads to more control over your golf game. Gaining awareness of your body through basic movement training will improve every part of your game. Being able to fine tune the force for each one of your swings and putts will improve your accuracy immensely. Anyone who plays golf will tell you that being able to put the ball where you want it on the green is the difference between being over and under par. 

Soreness and Injury prevention

Being sore sucks. Any athlete from football players to golfers gets sore. A comprehensive training program can reduce and eliminate soreness through recovery methods and pre-hab exercises. Preventing injury from repetitive swinging is easy with a good training program that will strengthen the involved muscles and help eliminate imbalances in muscle that can cause injury down the road.   

Endurance  Everyone and their mother gets tired. Now a lot of other athletes might scoff at the idea that you need to have endurance for golf, but the concept of endurance is different when applied to golf. Endurance in golf is having the same combination of power, balance and meticulous precision that comes with a golf swing in every single swing. Professional golfers can expect to swing the club 60-70 times on average for the 18 holes, now if you are less than professional that number can be much, much higher. Exerting varying levels of force in the same singular motion quickly gets taxing for very specific muscles in your body. A good weight lifting program can maximize the endurance of these muscles, so while most people think you huff and puff to walk up the hill with a lack of endurance, what really happens is minute changes to your swing as muscles fatigue. With the amazing accuracy required out of a golf swing, the slightest imperfection can ruin your match. On the other hand with a comprehensive weight training program your swing can stay crisp and perfect even after the 9th try out of the sand pit.